Retreat FAQs


Who can come to the Monastery?

We welcome anyone who wishes to visit the Monastery.

The Monastery is open to people from all walks of life, “any creed or no creed" as they say.

The Monastery is open from 8am to 8pm every day.

How many rooms are available in the Retreat Centre?

There are 11 rooms available in the Retreat Centre and each room has its own ensuite.

There is also a small kitchenette, a library and laundry.

What is the cost per night?

The suggested donation is $55 per night which includes: 2 main meals, breakfast and tea/coffee facilities, linen.

Any extra meals on top of that are $10.

How do I make a booking?

Please use our contact page or telephone us on 073332378.

Bookings need to be confirmed by phone; this allows us personal contact with you first, and also for security reasons.

How do I pay? Do you have EFTPOS?

Most of our guests prefer to pay by cash or cheque.

Unfortunately there is no EFTPOS available at the Monastery. You may however pay for your retreat by credit card here. When paying by credit card please include your name and the date of your retreat.

Please note that a $3.00 surcharge will apply to credit card payments as we will have to pay a commission to the credit card company.

Do you have a TV or internet access there?

There is no TV or Internet access available here.

We do not encourage people to bring those items which are not conducive to prayer and spiritual silence.

The prayerful and contemplative atmosphere is what we try to maintain at all times for our Retreatants here at the Monastery.

How many days am I allowed to stay if I wish to make a retreat, and what do I need to bring?

One can choose any number of days to make a retreat. Some stay overnight and others stay for a few days. The limit would usually be about two weeks but exceptions may be made for longer if it is for a genuine retreat.

As to necessities, we provide all linen, but you will need to bring your own personal toiletries.

I am not a Catholic or a Christian; can I still come to stay in the Retreat Centre?

We are quite ecumenical and welcome anyone who wishes to use our facilities in earnest.

Do you give guided Retreats?

No, the Nuns do not give guided retreats, but often groups bring their own spiritual director for their retreats.

Can I come only for the day? And is there a cost?

Yes people can come for a day retreat.

You will need to let us know that you are coming so that we know who you are if we see you on the grounds etc..

If you require lunch, then a suggested donation would be $10. Tea/coffee facilities are also available for Day Retreatants and there is no charge for these.

Do you accept children in your Retreat Centre?

For overnight Retreats we do not permit children under the age of 15 years, this is to respect other people who may be making a silent retreat in the Retreat Centre.

For day retreats or visits, children must be accompanied in the garden areas and bushwalk.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry! No pets allowed.

Is there a wheelchair access there?

Yes, there is wheelchair access to the Chapel and to the Retreat Centre and also to some of the garden areas.

Can I participate with the Nuns in prayer?

Yes. The Nuns pray The Divine Office (the Official Prayer of the Church) seven times a day. If you wish to follow the Office in our liturgical books please notify the guest mistress and you will receive assistance to find the appropriate book and pages.

Please view our liturgical timetable.

Are we allowed to speak when making a Retreat at the Monastery?

This is a common question!

Yes - you are allowed to speak.

But we do encourage the Spirit of Silence to prevail; otherwise we would be defeating the purpose of a Retreat Centre.

What sort of groups come to your Monastery? Do they have to make a Retreat?

In the past years we have had many different types of groups and clubs coming for a recreational visit, not necessarily for a retreat: Photo clubs, social garden groups, knitting groups, groups of school children, the Herb society, Vintage Car clubs, Church and Parish groups, and even a tramping club!

Our Monastery is open to anyone who wants to come and see what a Monastery is. This being said, any groups wishing to make a visit will need to phone and make a booking prior to their visit if catering is required etc.. Buses do have access to the Monastery.

Are we able to visit other Monasteries around the world?

By all means, yes!

We are one big family spread out all over the globe, and you will receive the same Benedictine hospitality in our other Monasteries as you do here.

Do you require a deposit for Retreat bookings?

Normally we do not require a deposit if you are an individual making a Retreat, but from experience we have found it necessary to ask for a deposit for large group bookings.

There are a limited number of beds.

Can we cook our own meals at the Retreat Centre?

Unfortunately there are no cooking facilities available in the Retreat Centre, except a microwave.

If you need a special diet (e.g. gluten-free meals, diabetic) then you can inform the Guest Mistress and she will make the necessary arrangements for you.

In the past some have brought their own bread etc., which is a help to us.

In any case, we always provide the meals for our Retreatants and visitors.

Any other tips when visiting?


There are no petrol stations nearby, as many in the past have discovered!

Also, it would be a good idea to check the map first before coming here, as many have found themselves lost in this part of the Waikite Valley! Once, a whole Vintage Car Rally from Taupo got lost...

Please note that "God´s Road" (as we call our access road branching off Dod´s Road to the right after some 400 metres) is not yet listed with most earthly navigation systems.

Entering the address listed on our contact page might make you end up on a property at the very end of Dod´s Road instead.

Hence, please watch out for the signs on the right after leaving getting off the tarmac at the corner of Puaiti Road and Dod´s Road!

Also, bring good walking shoes!