Christmas Newsletter

We are a bit late putting up this Christmas Newsletter but hope that you all had a very joyful Christmas and that 2019 may bring you all every blessing. You may read the Newsletter here

The end of last year brought us some extra help as Dave from Canada stayed a month and did lots of good and urgently needed work in the gardens. Then Cosi, an oblate from Australia came to assist us in the guesthouse, looking after the numerous visitors of this time. Sarah Grace lived in for a month and also was a great help. We thank God for sending these good ‘angels’ to help us.

Our monastery now has a new, very big sign at the front gate, made by our friend Owen Pauling. We had reports of people going up and down Dods Road, looking in vain for the monastery. Our orignal sign was somewhat small, and the monastery cannot be seen from the road, as it has a long and winding driveway which was from the first nicknamed ‘Gods Road’. Now it is impossible to miss the entrance so all newcomers can thank Owen for making us easier to find.


Autumn news

The year is well on it's way with Winter around the corner. Due to a cold snap earlier in the season, the Autumn colours of the deciduous trees are stunning in their red, pink and yellow colours this year.


After Easter, thanks to the kindness of benefactors, a kitchen renovation was begun. We had retained the kitchen from the original farmhouse that was bought, and as it was only meant to cater for a few people we were finding it difficult to manage the large amount of cooking needed for the retreat centre. The renovation and extension will also mean we can enjoy access to fresh air and light which will be a great relief for the cooks - perhaps the meals too will improve!

Mother Rachel in the new kitchen area.

Mother Rachel in the new kitchen area.

Since the departure of our previous chaplain Rev. Fr Santey who returned to India for a visit and then will resume his good work in the polytechnic schools of Kenya, our Bishop has not managed to find for us a permanent chaplain. There will be different priests coming out to say Mass on most days but the Mass times will vary so keep on eye on our website for the different times if you are thinking of coming.

Two Sisters make their Temporary Profession

On the 6th of August Sr Mary Cecilia and Sr Mary Anastasia, originally from Nigeria, made temporary vows for three years. The Benedictine vows are Stability in the Congregation, Conversion of Life and Obedience. Most Rev. Bishop Stephen Lowe presided at the ceremony and many friends came to support them in this new step they were taking. Unfortunately their families were not able to make the long journey to attend the ceremony, but were overjoyed to hear the news and see the photos which we sent them.

The Sisters themselves were also full of joy to become professed Sisters of the Congregation. They received a black veil in place of the white novitiate one, and a medal of the Congregation. The medal is based on a vision received by our Foundress, Marie Adele Garnier, and depicts the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a circle representing the Eucharist. Jesus' words run around the edge "I have come to cast fire upon the earth and would that it were already kindled".


Change of date for EWTN interview with Mother Xavier

In our newsletter we wrote that Mother Xavier would be having an interview with Rev. Fr. Mitch Pacwa of EWTN. (Eternal Word Television Network) The dates given in the newsletter are now wrong as they have been changed. The interview will now air on the 5th of July, probably at the same times. The program is called EWTN LIVE with Fr Mitch Pacwa, you can look up the scheduled programs on the website for EWTN.

Conference on the servant of God Mother Marie Adele Garnier

On the 14th of May 2017 Rev. Mother M.Xavier McMonagle OSB, Assistant General of the Tyburn Nuns will give a talk about our Foundress Mother Marie Adele Garnier. There is no other person at this present time who knows more about our Foundress than R. Mother M.Xavier. This is one of those rare occasions where you will have the opportunity to listen to stories on Mother Marie Adele Garnier that you will not hear anywhere else. Anyone is welcome to attend this talk at Tyburn Monastery, Ngakuru at about 10am. You are invited to bring a shared lunch for the day.

Mother Foundress's House Sold!

Thanks to benefactors from all over the world, the house in France where our Mother Foundress was born in 1838 has now been purchased. The house is intended to contain a chapel,  a museum and an information centre about Mother Marie-Adele Garnier. Part of it will be also used as a small conference centre and retreat centre for day groups and some overnight guests.

It is hoped that the house will be ready to open to the public by Autumn 2017. See the full report here