Will You Respond to God’s Call?

I didn’t have a vision or hear voices when I got the calling. Something just quietly changed in my life.
The priest said if I was waiting for a fax from heaven I’d have a long wait as God doesn’t send faxes!
I feel that this is now my family because we all have that spiritual union and devotion to Christ.

A Life of Prayer?

Do you feel called by God to give yourself completely to HIM in a life of prayer?

Do you feel drawn to love Christ in the silence of the mystery of the Eucharist?

Do you find in the Sacrifice of the Mass the true centre and deep meaning of your life?


Do the Holy Scriptures speak to your heart and lead you to rejoice in the Lord?

If the answer is “YES”, then maybe God is calling you
to consecrate yourself to HIM as a Tyburn Benedictine Nun.